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Section 7 Title

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Organization & Responsibility

Section 3 - Personnel

Section 4 - Administrative Rules and Regulations

Section 5 - Educational Programs

Section 6 - Student Development Services

Section 7 - Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

7.0      Purpose

The purpose of this section is to record various policies, procedures, and regulations of the Virginia Community College System and Virginia Highlands Community College dealing with miscellaneous areas not covered elsewhere in this Manual.

In content, this section covers the general topics included in sections 7 through 11 of the VCCS Policy Manual. Please refer to these sections or to the appropriate administrative office for additional information on these matters.

Since many areas covered in this section deal with VCCS policy matters and are not of direct concern to individual faculty and staff members, only those topics having direct applicability to college operations and procedures are included in this Manual.

Section 7 Contents

7.1 Public Relations and Information

  • Purpose
  • Functions
  • Services to the College
  • Responsibilities of the Colleges
  • College Information
  • Distribution of Publications/Public Information
  • College Graphics and System Identification
  • Publication Policies and Procedures
  • College Publications
  • College Advertising
  • Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates
  • College Newspapers

7.2  Planning, Accreditation, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Reporting

  • Accreditation
  • Planning
  • Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Reporting
  • Enrollment Reporting and Excluded Enrollments
  • Statistical Reports (U.S. Department of Education (USDOE); SCHEV

7.3 Planning and Construction of Physical Facilities

  • Purpose
  • General Codes and Standards
  • Responsibilities
  • Actions Requiring State Board Approval
  • Capital Outlay Planning
  • Development of Capital Outlay Requests
  • Priorities for Types of Facilities
  • Master Site Planning
  • Maintenance Standards

7.4  Acceptance of Gifts, Grants, and Contracts Policy

  • Fund-Raising Priorities Procedure
  • Solicitation, Acceptance, and Acknowledgment of Gifts Procedure
  • Sponsored Programs Procedure

7.5 VHCC Educational Foundation, Inc. Policy

7.6  Response to Personal Tragedies Affecting Members of the VHCC Community

7.7 Flower Fund Guidelines