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What are the Campus Police Phone Numbers?
(276) 739-2448 or Cell: (276)614-8282

Are there other ways to contact campus police?
Yes, call the switchboard or maintenance person and they can reach officers by radio. There is also an orange phone outside the campus police office with their numbers on it.

What is the web address for the campus police?

If I see a suspicious person(s) or vehicle what should I do?
Get a description of the person(s) or vehicle and call the campus police at 276-614-8282 or if you are in one of the buildings on campus 739-2448 remember if you are using a phone inside one of the college buildings you must dial 8 first then the number. And advise the officer on duty as to what you have observed, give the description and last known location. If no officer is on duty call central dispatch at 276-676-6277 or if its and emergency dial 911 and give the dispatcher the information.

Do I need a parking decal?
Students do not need a parking decal. Faculty/staff are the only ones that need a parking decal; they can be obtained from the campus police office.

Where do I park?
Students can park in any white painted parking space in any lot that is not restricted, there are signs in place.

Can I bring a firearm on campus?
No the college has a policy against students being armed.

Can I use a skate board on campus?
No the college has a policy against skateboard use on college property.

Can I sleigh ride on campus?
No the college has a policy against sleigh riding on college property.

Can I leave my personal motor vehicle on campus overnight?
Yes, but it is strongly suggested that you notify campus police where you are going to park your motor vehicle, and it is suggested that you park in a well lit area and remove any item(s) of value from your vehicle.

Can I get an escort to my car after dark?
Yes, just call the police officer on duty and he will be happy to escort you to your vehicle.

How do I make a report on campus?
You can report a crime or other incident on campus by calling the officer on duty or via our web page.

What do I do if I am involved in an automobile accident on campus?
Do not move your vehicle and call the officer on duty.

Are there emergency phones on campus?
Yes, there is an emergency phone, orange in color, located in the Wolf’s Den in the ISC building on the wall next to the game room.  You must dial 9 then the number. You cannot place long distance calls on this phone. In case of an emergency dial 8-911 or call Campus Police at 8-614-8282 .

Does the campus have an alert system for emergencies?
The college uses roam secure alert network. You are encouraged to sign up for this service. The link is:

The college also has an intercom system that can be used by administration.

What do I do if I've locked my keys in my car or my car has a dead battery?
Campus Police Department offers the following to students, faculty, staff, visitors, in the event that a person would happen to lock their keys in their motor vehicle or need a battery “jump start”, Campus Police will attempt to unlock the motor vehicle or use battery cables to give a dead battery enough power to start the vehicle. This would be done after the owner/driver of the motor vehicle agrees and signs a VHCC Release of Liability Waiver form . Please be advised that on some makes and models of motor vehicles the manufacturer may have installed anti-theft devices and this would prohibit the Officer from gaining entry or on some motor vehicles the doors close and fit up tight to the body of the motor vehicle and if the Officer determines that there would be the possibility of damaging the motor vehicle the Officer would not attempt to unlock the motor vehicle. If this is the case the Officer would then advise the person to contact a locksmith or to get the motor vehicle identification number known as the VIN number this number is located on the left side of the motor vehicle dash bottom corner and to take this number to the car dealership that sells that make of motor vehicle where they could purchase a spare key. In the event that the battery “jump start” does not work then the Officer would advise the person to contact a towing service, car dealership, repair shop/garage, or mechanic .

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