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To FIND Your myVHCC Username, EMPLID, or Change/Reset your Password

  • Go to and click on Login
  • If you are new to the college click on Look up your username and set your password and enter the required information.
  • If you don’t remember your Password, click on the Reset My Password. If you are unable to change to a new Password, click the online help request form. For problems with your Username, Password, Email account, or Blackboard send an email to

 NOTE: Your birthdate (MM/DD/YY) is your default password for the first time you enter the Student Information System. You MUST change your default password the first time you login.

Add Classes (Must be logged in to SIS to follow these steps)

  • Click on Self Service>Student Center>Add a Class>select term
  • Enter Class Nbr (example 22079) and click Enter, or Search for Class to view the Schedule of Classes
  • After entering all Class Numbers, click Finish Enrolling.
  • View Results of all classes added; a ‘green’ check indicates you successfully enrolled, a ‘red’ “X” indicates you are unable to add this class.
  • Click My Class Schedule to view your class schedule

View My Class Schedule (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click Self Service>Student Center>My Class Schedule>select term.
  • Your current class schedule will appear. You may print this page from your browser using File/Print or by clicking on the Print Icon in the Toolbar of your browser.

Search for a Class (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click Self Service>Student Center>Search for Classes
    If you have not set your User Preferences, you will be asked to choose your college name and term.
  • Click Go
  • Enter Course Prefix into the Subject Area box and the Course Number into the Catalog Number box. (i.e. ENG 111)
  • Click Search

Swap Classes (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click on Self Service>Student Center>Swap Classes>GO
  • Select a class to swap from
  • Enter Class Nbr of the class you want to swap to.
  • Click Enter button
  • Click Next to Confirm your Selection
  • Click Finish Swapping and then View Results
  • Click My Class Schedule button to view and print a copy of your revised class schedule

Drop Classes (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click Self Service>Student Center>Drop a Class
  • If the desired term of classes is not listed, select another term and click Change
  • Your enrolled classes will be listed
  • Select R the classes or classes you wish to drop
  • Click the Drop Selected Classes button
  • Confirm your selection and then click Finish Dropping
  • View your results
  • Click My Class Schedule to view and print revised class schedule
  • If you drop a class after the last date to withdraw, the grade automatically becomes an “F” grade
  • If you drop after the last date to add but before the last date to withdraw, you will receive a grade of “W.”
  • Be sure to verify whether your grade is “W” or “F” and refer questions to the Registrar’s Office

View My Financial Aid Awards (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click Self Service>Student Center>View Financial Aid.
  • Click the desired Aid Year. For 2006-2007 academic year the Aid Year is 2007.
  • You will see anticipated aid which assumes that you are enrolled full-time (12 credits). If you are enrolled less than full time, the anticipated aid will be decreased proportionally to actual aid after the second week of classes.

Make Credit Card Payment (Must be logged in to SIS)

  • Click Self Service>Student Center>Campus Finances>Account Inquiry.
  • Click the Activity tab to view your account activity.
  • Click the Charges Due tab to view total charges due.
  • Click the Payment tab to view posted and pending payments applied to your account
  • Click the Pending Financial Aid tab to view financial aid you have been offered but not yet applied to your account.
  • Click Make a Payment to pay with MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card.
  • In the Credit Card Details First Name and Last Name boxes, type the name as it appears on the credit card.
  • Choose a Credit Card Type - Only VISA and MasterCard are currently accepted.
    Enter credit card number and expiration date. Do not use dashes in the credit card number.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Pay Charges to pay the full amount due.
  • You have the option of making selective payments for a specific class(es). Use the Calculate Grand Total button to total your selective payments.
  • Click Next.
  • View the Payment Summary to confirm payment.
  • Click Submit.
  • Click View Confirmed Payment button to view and print payment confirmation to retain as documentation.
  • To make a payment by check, instead of online with credit card, you may mail the check to VHCC Business Office (P.O. Box 828 Abingdon, VA 24212)


Last updated: 9/3/2009 3:44:55 PM